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Mark has been involved in Sales for over 25 years.  But, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they are getting closer to the end of their career than the beginning,  and they start looking at what their passions are, what do they really want to do with the rest of their working life and their retirement.  For Mark that answer was cruising and the travel business.  Mark began a search and investigation into many of the different opportunities out there and when offered the chance to join the # 1 retail sales force,  World Travel Holdings, including Cruises Inc. and CruiseOne, he jumped at the chance.  Mark took to the business like second nature; training was an intense, exciting experience.  Mark brings to the cruise industry and CruiseOne many things:  among them is his love of cruising.  In addition, his sales talents, his management and training experience, HR experience and drive and ambition are talents and skills that have helped him to develop into the agent he is now. 

Mark looks forward to many years with the CruisesOne family.  He has settled on the West Coast of Florida and he shares his home with his wife Angie.  Mark has a son and daughter-in-law, Zack and Patricia, who live in Cincinnati and a daughter Alicia who lives at home and also loves to cruise.

Call Mark at: (877) 713-5192 or (239) 226-1579 in Florida

 I might add:  Mark is the consumate professional, always ready to assist a client or co-worker.  Mark and I have worked together for 8 years, both in Cruises Inc and CruiseOne and I look forward to continuing that relationship long into the future.  Jayne





At an early age my mother, Jayne, instilled in me the importance of travel. To experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a new location is my favorite thing about vacationing. It was my passion for travel that led me to join the "family business".  What I want to pass on to my clients is my excitement about visiting new places. It is easy to plan your dream vacation with a little help. Let me help you personalize your trip. We can communicate to come up with what you want out of your experience and more. Contact me and let's get started!

Call Julie at (407) 592-1650 in Florida

I might add: Julie has worked in the ultrasound medical field for 23 years in the Central Florida area.  After raising two children, Kyle 21 and Megan 17, and travelling a lot with her family, including her husband Paul, who is an Orlando firefighter, she decided to try something entirely different…selling travel.  Once Julie decided she wanted to try her hand at travel, she spoke to me and decided to jump into the sales arena.  What started out to be part time job has grown faster than she can believe and she soon will be doing her travel job full time.  

 Julie has travelled extensively throughout parts of Europe and Asia so she has seen firsthand some of the specialized areas of our World.  She is able to work closely with her clients to be sure they take advantage of what cannot be missed, designing a specialized trip just for them.  And, of course, her love and passion for travel gives her an edge in the present market.  I am thrilled to have her on board!  Jayne




I grew up in Florida and have always had a passion for traveling.  This resulted in living on a sailboat for two years and exploring most of the islands of the  Caribbean.  My desire to see more of the world lured me to Athens where we cruised the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean around the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Crete.   Along with other cruises, I’ve also enjoyed the privilege of touring the United States on my motorcycle with family and friends.  Whether it is a cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere else on this great planet, my experience and expertise will help create the perfect vacation package you’re dreaming of.

Let me help with all of your travel needs.  From cruising to fully customized getaways, we can create the perfect trip that will exceed your expectations.  I will work diligently to listen to your wants and desires so we can plan your dream vacation together.  My outstanding personal service will take care of the intricate planning details and I will be there for you before you leave as well as during your trip.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Call Karen at (407) 467-0860 in Florida

I might add:  Karen has never met a stranger.  When you meet her you will be drawn into her circle of friends immediately due to her personality.  Karen not only is a travel agent but is an avid gardener and designs and creates the most amazing flower arrangements you have even seen.  She is a great additional to our team!  Jayne

The Bios